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studio agreement



logo development and brand identity will always be designed first when you purchase any variety package or more than one item when you purchase a logo. ALL remaining services will be designed AFTER you have chosen your final logo.


coming up with concepts and revisions TAKES TIME, I DO NOT rush anything. designing is an intimate gift, and i juggle with 3-5 clients at once. designing takes a MASSIVE AMOUNT of brainpower and energy. each design a piece of me is into it. i (your designer), am NOT a fountain of design, coming up with ideas for your concepts and revisions after receiving your feedback takes time. things don't just come to me it takes time to DESIGN.

all projects excluding website design will receive up to 3 revisions. once all revisions have been exhausted an additional fee of $75 per revision.

revisions include but are not limited too:

font change, color change, layout change, image layout. 

examples of a revision are:

instead of the ___ font can we use this one ____.

can this color be a little bit darker?

are you able to make the layout vertical vs horizontal

can we place more emphasis on ___

for the ___ graphic used can we tweak the colors a little more to these ___ instead

DO NOT revise like this:

can I see ___ instead of ___?

can you do ___?

i love this one but something is missing can you make it pop

i like number one but i would like too see more of concepts 2 and 4 added to that one

you may think you need to be as detailed when you're talking to a graphic designer but they will ONLY complicate things if the right terminology is NOT used. Being descriptive with your revisions does not mean being overly wordy as using too many words can confuse and elongate the design process. Simplicity is EVERYTHING! DO NOT overthink your revisions say what you mean and say it with your chest if you need to send a voice message because you aren't too good with explaining or describing what you want via text SAY THAT, so we can make it happen.

* once a final design has been chosen any other designs presented during your design process will IMMEDIAILTELY EXPIRE!! *



it is extremely viable that if you have any ideas regarding your project that those ideas are relayed to me. I AM NOT A MIND READER. if you don’t express what you want I will not know. failure to communicate your ideas will only delay your project completion. 

if you would like me to freestyle or you want to give me FULL 100% creative direction that needs to be expressed. do not say “I want you to do your thing” if you in fact have an idea for what you want.  


drafts will be sent via an email attachment. if we fail to hear from you after we have reached out 2x your project will be .agged as abandoned. 



there is no rush to turn in the completed checklist/workbooks. ALL we ask is that you keep us updated as you are completing your information. a simple “I am still working on my content” is all we need. if we have not heard from you in 7 business days, we will reach out to you 2x after we have reached out to you 2x and we have not heard from you your project will be marked abandoned. we ask that please try to keep us updated at least every 5-7 business days. 


turnaround time does NOT start until you have successfully submitted ALL requested information for your project. 


final files 


Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names, and images used in commerce. The third type of “property” that can be owned by a person or entity is  “intellectual property.” Ownership of intellectual property cannot be crystallized and de.ned as clearly as can the other two types of property because itself is intangible – it cannot be held, touched, or denied by physical boundaries. Instead, “intellectual property” is the ownership interest that a person or entity may have in creations of the human mind.  Ownership of intellectual property means ownership of a concept or idea rather than ownership of a parcel of property or object. Of course, as with real property and chattel, intellectual property can be sold or otherwise conveyed.


Intellectual property is usually initially owned by the person who thought of the concept or idea that is the subject of the intellectual property, although it can often be transferred or released through agreement, transaction,  operation of, or simply the passage of time. While it is held, ownership of intellectual property allows its owner to exclude other people from using the ideas or that comprise the intellectual property at issue. Depending on the intellectual property at issue and governing law, this right may be limited to preventing other people from using the intellectual property at issue for commercial purposes. 


ALL native files belong to Dinahste’s Design Studio, native files  WILL NEVER be sent out to the client native files are the files your design was created in this also includes ANY design work that was not chosen as a final design.


file delivery

file delivery will ALWAYS take place during the week. Monday - Friday between 9:00am - 5:00pm. 

no finalized designs will be submitted to the client until the balance is paid in full all files will be sent via a personalized link for the client to ensure the quality of work. your link will be sent via “Box”. designs will be sent in .jpg, .png, and .pdf. if vector files are needed please express that, they will be sent out the same way free of charge.  




ALL orders under $400 at the time of inquiry must be paid for in full unless discussed otherwise. 


ALL premade designs including but not limited too (logos, websites, color palettes buy-a-brand and social media packs) found on site must be paid for in full at the time of checkout.

revisions/edits for logos, websites or flyers will be made after payment is completed and information has been sent. 


ALL variety packages payment are to be paid in this order:

 1. $50 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT when form is filled out on the site



a) payment break down will be discussed in your welcome packet. 


ALL orders under $400 must be paid in full at the time of inquiry.



payments are received via: Square, Zelle & Cash App. DINAHSTE’S DESIGN STUDIO DOES NOT USE PAYPAL. 

a receipt will ALWAYS be sent to you, receipts will include;

 -what you purchased

 - the date and the time your payment was made

- the platform you used to make your purchase

- your contact information (name, business name, and e-mail)

- the studios’ contact information (my name, business name, e-mail and my location)

- the total of your order and price break down of each item

- the amount you paid 


deposits and refunds 


deposits are only required for INDIVIDUAL SERVICES under $500 and for variety packages ($50) at the time you .lled out your new order inquiry form.  


DINAHSTE’S DESIGN STUDIO DOES NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS FOR ANY SERVICES UNLESS AGREED UPON. having buyers remorse or waiting to use another company will not suf.ce as a suitable reason to request a refund. 



you will ONLY have 3 business days to request a refund. (this is for an individual service). you will have 5 business days to request a refund for website design ie; if you paid for your full payment on a monday for individual services you will have until wednesday to request a refund for websites you will have until friday. 


you will need to send an email with the following information: 

      - your name 

      - your business name 

      - payment platform used 

      - the amount paid 

      - the date you made your payment 

      - the date you are requesting a refund 

      - a message simply stating that you would like to request a 





if for any reason you would like to cancel your order you may do so. however, please take note that any work that has been added to our work queue, or paid for Dinahste’s Design Studio will NOT be issuing any refunds.


if partial work has been done, the work stays the property of Dinahste’s Design Studio. 

The only time monies maybe (this is not a final decision) refunded is if cancellation takes place on Dinahste’s Design Studio behalf for ANY reasons whatsoever. 


basic information 


turnaround times for all individual services are 5-10 business days (are monday through friday). this timeframe does not include any revisions you may have. the nature of turnaround time can also depend on the service purchased and how many orders we already have in queue. 

turnaround times for variety packages are noted with the package. this does not include any revisions you may have, or how long it takes you to deliver completed checklists. 


at this time Dinahste’s Design Studio does not offer expedited services. 


as recently stated above designing TAKES TIME, I DO NOT rush anything. designing is an intimate gift, and at any given time i have 3-5 clients at once. designing takes a MASSIVE AMOUNT of brainpower and energy. each design a piece of me is into it. i (your designer), am NOT a fountain of design, coming up with ideas for your concepts and revisions after receiving your feedback takes time. things don't just come to me it takes time to DESIGN. if you want something QUICK i am not the designer for you. if you expect to receive your changes 1-2 days AFTER getting your revisions (if they are massive) i am not the designer for you


communication during the duration of your project is an absolute must. we are a team so we must communicate as one. once your order has been added to our queue all communication surrounding your project will take place via email. texting/dms will not be prohibited). communication is only accepted via email to ensure a paper trail along your project to avoid miscommunications and confusion. both parties can always refer back to an email to clear a matter. communication will ALWAYS take place during business hours, business hours are tuesday - thursday 11:00 am - 6:00 pm any messages sent outside of business hours will take place during business hours ONLY.



if for whatever reason after 10 consecutive business days the POC (person of contact) is unreachable this will result in a $50 reinstatement fee. if the studio has had no communication after 15 business days your project will be forfeited and no refunds will be given. any design that has taken place during active periods will be forfeited. 


hours of operation are Tuesday - Thursday 11:00 am - 6:00 pm. this does not mean that this is the only time your order is being worked on. any communication sent outside of business hours will be responded to by the next business day. please keep this in mind when contacting. this includes; direct messages, text messages, and e-mails. 


before sending an email please view the order status page on the website for frequent updates about your order. 

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