If for any reason you would like to request a refund before your project has started that is fine. Please be mindful that you will only be receiving 25% of your payment back. You will only have 48 hours (business days Monday-Friday) from your payment date to request a refund. After, the 48 there will be no refunds given. Your payment can and will be transferred to other services if need be. 

ie; If your purchase on a Monday you have until that Wednesday to decide if you no longer want to move forward. After Wednesday, the existing monies again will be transferred to other services. The refund policy does NOT apply to flash sales, any services purchased during a sale will NOT be refunded as they are flash sales.

When requesting your refund your first step is to make sure we have not started your website this can include but are not limited to; setting up pages, creating graphics, editing pictures, etc. If any of those have started you will not be able to request a deposit. Following finding out whether or not your project hasn’t been started you would then send an email ONLY EMAIL stating your name, your companies name, the day which you are writing, the date Dinahste's Design Studio received your payment and just a statement that you would like to request a refund. At this point, we would respond to the email stating either you can transfer your money to another service if you aren’t quite ready or accepting your refund request.



​Once the website design has started there will be no refunds or exchanges. We will email you the day your website is started. Please note this can be anywhere between 3-7 business days BEFORE your launch date. In the event of cancellation, Designer will retain all ownership of all copyrights and original work created (meaning all graphics on your site that were thought of and created by Dinahste's Design Studio will be deleted ie; slideshow graphics, cute graphics with information, etc, etc.)

Sally Mae's Launch Date is February 14th, this means anywhere between 5-7 business days before your launch date you will receive an email stating that we have started your website. 



If Sally Mae decides 3 days into her website design that she no longer wants to move forward or she is unable to move forward. She will need to write an email stating she would like to cancel her services. It can be as simple as: To Whom It May Concern: I Sally Mae Benson will be canceling my website design service for my business Sally’s Extensions.

Following that email, Sally will receive an invoice for the remaining total for her site. We have a cancellation fee instilled because that is wasted time that we cannot get back, at eXquisite Visuals we do ALL orders in the order they are received so because Sally Mae wanted to cancel in the midst of her order being completed that then affects all orders after hers.


​If for any reason I need to cancel your project, I will ALWAYS provide a list of other designers that you can go to. And a partial refund will be returned to you depending on what monies you have paid to Dinahte's Design Studio.



The Designer agrees to produce project materials at the request of the client, for fees agreed upon, in advance, and delivery of the work by an agreed-upon deadline : (Ideal launch date means you would like to publish the site and go live on this date. The latest launch date means if for any reason there is a delay and it affects your launch date what is the latest you would like to launch. (ie; Ideal Launch Date Friday, July 12th, Latest Launch Date Sunday, July 21st.) Your launch date should be at least 12-15 business days (Monday-Friday) AFTER I have received your content for your site. Anything less than 12 business will result in a fee and your project will be considered a rushed job. 
​ie; Sally Mae placed her website order on Monday, March 4th, 2019, and she doesn't provide her content until Friday, March 15th, 2019. The earliest date she should have for a launch date is Tuesday, March 26th, 2019. 



Yes, in the business world communication is key ... but I can’t put my all into designing your project if I stop every 1-2 days to provide status updates. My strong suit is not communication, and I'll be the first to admit to it. An Order Status log has been created, so if you’re feeling anxious and antsy visit to find out the inside scoop on your order.

All communication pertaining to your order will take place via email. DMS are not permitted. For frequent updates be sure to check your site to find out what's happening with your project. Communication will ALWAYS take place during business hours, please allow 24-28 for a response, if a response is not received we would then advise you to send another email! INSTAGRAM DIRECT MESSAGES ARE NOT PROHIBITED DURING THE DURATION OF YOUR PROJECT BEING WORKED ON!!

You may opt-in to have ONE Zoom Meeting (it must be scheduled at least 72 hours in advance). This Zoom meeting can be used at anytime before you send your content, after you send or content or after you have seen your site. 




The Client will provide all content needed to complete the project, including verbiage, company logo, photos and etc.

If for any reason after Dinahste's Design Studio has started your website design and any additional content is sent/uploaded (text, photos, pricing, descriptions, etc.) that was NOT in your initial send over it will result in a $100 fee that will need to be paid before the site is released to you.


DDS does not rush clients to deliver the content needed, gather the information you need for your website at your own pace, we would actually prefer that you take your time to provide top-notch content for your site (this includes having a photoshoot, getting inventory together, finding the right content and etc.). As previously stated there is absolutely NO RUSH to provide your information, it is okay if you take 3 weeks or a month.


However, be sure to check in from time to time, it can be something as simple as "Hey Dinahste, I am still working on my checklist". If Dinahste's Design Studio does not hear from you after 15 days you will be charged with a restart fee of $100. If Dinahste's Design Studio has not hard from you in over a month your project will be forfeited. This only applies if you are inactive, meaning I have not received an email or DM in regards to your order or just simply heard from you in a long time.

ie: Sally Mae places her order on April 1st by April 22nd, 2019 we do NOT hear back from you. Your project will be marked voided, and you will have to pay $100 in order for your project to start back up. As I said above it can be a simple Email or DM just stating you are still working on your content can avoid any other fees.

I cannot stress it enough that you must provide ALL information before DDS starts your website. Upon completion of this stage, the Client will be asked to confirm the information sent for your site via email. Once this acceptance is received from the Client, the work necessary to complete the project will continue and be prior to your expected launch date. The client will be able to review their site during the design process via the link provided to them. I want to reiterate that an e-mail will be sent the day the designing of your website is started. So if you click your link BEFORE receiving confirmation that the designing of your site has been started there will clearly be nothing there to view. Please do NOT e-mail DDS before receiving your "Website Design has been Started" e-mail. We are working as diligently and quickly to complete each and every order. 


When you see your website it'll be 100% complete. There will only be ONE revision. We ask that you really go into detail when you provide the feedback. We only offer ONE revision because websites are more tedious than other design services so we cannot go back and redraft a new website as a revision. If changes exceed more than 50% of the website it will result in a $100 fee attached to the remaining balance. (To avoid having lots of revisions we ask that when you provide your content you give an example or explain what you would like your site to look like).

More planning and creativity goes into websites than other services figuring out what should be animated, and how pages should be laid out and how they should flow onto the next takes time, which pictures to use and what not to use. When submitting your checklist information please make sure you include ALL the information about the overall theme/feel of the site (including pictures or screenshots of other websites. be mindful that just because you have sent a screenshot of Sally Mae's and Gwynn's website your website will NOT look like those, inspiration will be taken from it but it will look NOTHING like that provided sites. WE DO NOT DUPLICATE OUR WORK OR ANY OTHER DESIGNERS WORK. So if you would like your site to look like Sally Mae's we ask that you go to the designer that created theirs to design yours).


ALL information must be sent in a word document or a PDF. Under no circumstances may you send it in an email, or type it in the notes section of your phone and then screenshot. Information not sent correctly will NOT be started until the correct format is sent. 

ALL information must be filled out detailed and thorough. Dinahste's Design Studio is NOT responsible for any grammatical errors you may have in your text, it is not our responsibility to double-check or correct it. Whatever text you see on your site has been copied and pasted directly from the word document or PDF. I want to again reiterate we are NOT responsible for errors that are in your checklist when you send it over. What you see on your site is what you gave me. I DO NOT edit or spell-check anything. If you do find any errors, once your site is released to you, YOU can go in and fix any grammatical errors you may have. We may fix, capitalization or do a simple spell-check but that is it.

When you are sending your information I stress that you make sure that the information is NEAT. Please visit the "Delivering Files" highlight icon on our Instagram page for an idea of how your content should be delivered and how it should be categorized.

Do you want your Instagram feed integrated on your site? Will you need forms for your customers or clients to fill out? Do you want a page just for your pricing? These things among others are things that should be voiced when sending over your website information. I do NOT read minds if YOU DO NOT tell me .. how will I know? Leave no stone unturned when sending your content for your site.

We will send an e-mail that you will need to sign basically stating that you approve the information that has been delivered that will be put on your site. I am not a baby-sitter, it is not up to me to review your content and double and triple check. This is why the checklist is so long and so detailed to avoid any miscommunications. If for whatever reason you would like me to thoroughly review your checklist content and provide feedback this will result in a flat fee of $65.

(There is nothing wrong with wanting me to review your information and provide feedback, this is just an aspect NOT included with the website design process because it takes time to review your content and provide feedback. If you do opt. to this please note THIS IS NOT APART OF TURNAROUND TIME, and it can possibly delay the design process. But, again I want to say it is nothing wrong with that either! With or without The Studios' feedback, your site will be designed and it will LOOK AMAZING!).


For clients that have a site with a store or booking add-ons be mindful that ONLY 7 products/services will be entered on our behalf. (If you have 15 products 7 products will be entered (they will be randomly chosen) if you have 10 services 7 services will be entered. This is 7 each NOT 7 altogether). Anything exceeding the 7 item limit will result in a $10 fee for each additional item. If you have more than 7 products and you would like them to be uploaded on our behalf, this needs to be discussed and paid for prior to me starting your website. Under no circumstances can you request this after your website is completed due to other orders that need to be completed.

If Sally Mae has 12 products only up to 7 of those products will be entered onto the website (the products will be randomly chosen), if Sally Mae would like for Dinahste's Design Studio to upload the remaining 6 products will be an additional fee of $60. This $60 includes inventory input as well (if needed).


Dinahste's Design Studio is NOT responsible for the purchasing of your website plan for your site. Whatever payment is required from Wix or Shopify needs to be paid for on your behalf. We are not responsible for explaining the plans that either site has, it is your responsibility to determine which plan will be best for your site. Dinahste's Design Studio is not responsible for any monthly fees that may be attached to your plan for your site. Please take note that your plan will be billed to you monthly.


Dinahste's Design Studio is NOT responsible for the purchasing of your websites' domain. Your domain is a yearly charge, whichever date your domain is purchased on is the same exact date you will be charged again the following year.


Dinahste's Design Studio ONLY designs on the following platforms; Wix, Shopify and Showit. I want to retieterate if you do NOT see the website platform listed that we do NOT design there.


The client will retain 100% ownership of completed work. No royalty payment shall be due to the designer. Once your site is published, at bottom of the screen in the footer will say one of the following; Designed by Dinahste's Design Studio, Designed by The Studio, Designed by (and our logo in one solid color white/black) or Designed by DDS. Under no circumstances whatsoever should this be removed from your site. And for the most part, the lights are always on while I complete your website.


The client promises to pay for the services rendered by the Designer for the Work as agreed upon. By signing below, the Client agrees they have read and they understand, that they are bonded to these terms. When it comes down to the added fees The Studio does not have to remind you of your contract and those additional fees will just be added to the remaining balance. We expect you to take the contract as seriously as we take the design of your website. 

Which website platform will your site be on?

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